There are plenty of ways to travel cheap throughout Europe, from cheap flights to even cheaper lodging.  After going to Europe at a minimum of once or twice a year for the past 6 years, I have seen a trend for the cheapest ways to travel:


1)    Flights:  Cheap flight carrier sites such as,,and can fly you inside of Europe for as little at 9 euros(about 15$) one way.  Try and plan your flight for a Monday or Tuesday to hit the cheapest fares.  Theses carriers are trustworthy and quick to get you to your destination.  Many of these flights take off at lower scale airports and require airport arrival only an hour before departure.


2)     Lodging:  This depends on your own personal taste, but since we’re talking cheap here, look for a hostel.  Many hostels are very comfortable, clean and resemble a hotel or bed and breakfast.  On the other hand, some hostels can be extremely cheap, and represent the “get what you pay for modo.”   Use a site like or to book rooms as low as 10$ and get reviews at the same time.


3)    Transportation:  Let me just start by saying that although traveling by car through Europe can be a great opportunity to see the beautiful countryside, it can also be expensive as hell.  Tolls in some countries can cost you up to 75$ for as little as 6 hours of travel time.  Not to mention the cost of gasoline nearly triples per gallon compared with the U.S.   Taking a train may be your best bet to seeing the countryside and saving some cash.  Sites such as can help you plan your trip.


These are some cheap traveling opportunities that you can take advantage of while planning your next trip to Europe.  I have used and still use all 3 of these techniques, because they allow me to see a few countries within the same vacation.  They also allow me to bring home more souvenirs and wine bottles!


Cheers to another adventure,