Any Travel Insurance package, including the Cheap Travel Insurance packages, cover medical risks, but you should look at the level of assistance provided in a medical emergency. Important features you should look for in insurance packages are:

•    Medical / health cover for injury and sudden illnesses within the country and abroad
•    Twenty-four hour emergency services and assistance
•    Personal liabilities cover in case you are sued for causing some injury or damaging some property
•    Cover for lost, damaged or stolen possessions like jewellery, baggage, documents, etc
•    Cover for cancellations of the trip, hotel bookings, flight and other transportation bookings
•    Cover for cutting short the trip due to emergencies, strife in the country visited, etc
•    Cover for hazardous activities, which may not be included in standard Travel Insurance policies. Activities such as jet skiing, scuba diving, sky diving, paragliding, etc.
•    Policies should include personal accident cover
•    Cover for legal expenses if incurred
•    Financial protection if the airline, cruise line, transport company goes bankrupt and you are stuck in another country.

Many Travel insurers will provide and extend risk cover for other risks not included in the standard policies and charge a premium for the additional cover provided. Besides checking what is covered and included in the Travel Insurance policy, including the Cheap Travel Insurance policies, you should also be aware of what is not covered and exclusions, and also check the conditions under which the risk is covered. Travel Insurance policies do not normally cover alcohol or drug related incidents, or carelessness in handling your possessions and baggage. This means that the policies may not be enforceable and insurers may deny claims for compensation or providing assistance if you are involved in a fight or accident and get injured due to being drunk or taking drugs. The insurance company will also not compensate you for lost or stolen baggage if it is due to your carelessness in leaving the possessions unattended or lying around.

Although the Cheap Travel Insurance Packages provide less cover than the comprehensive Travel Insurance policies, it depends on the individual or family to decide on a suitable policy according to their needs. Whether you are an individual planning on a single trip a year, or a family planning on an Annual holiday, you should research the different packages and options available. If you are a businessman or a family who goes on many trips in a year, there are many Travel Insurance policies available which include a host of risks that are covered. But if the premium seems a bit more than what you can afford, you can always purchase a Cheap Travel Insurance policy, which at least covers and includes many of the basic risks.