Having a daily desk job that ties you down in single place for 8 hours a day can be dull and monotonous. You may feel unfulfilled and pointless. This is a situation where people feel that they just want to get away from it all and travel the world. If it is only that easy, people would be flocking tourist destinations all year round! However, it is not because travel requires time and money.

What if you can mix work and travel? Wouldn’t it be nice?

Travel job is the answer to your wanderlust and the desire to have fun and adventure. It is very attainable and all you have to do is examine your wants, your personality, and career goals. Since travel jobs come in different sizes and shapes, you can find a job suitable for you!

Here are some travel jobs that you can consider. A brief description is added and if you find yourself liking it, research about it. It could be the job you’ve been wanting all your life!

Travel Photographer Job Listings

Do you have considerable skills in taking and producing stunning pictures? Are you a shutterbug who just has the desire to take a snapshot of everything you like?

If you are, you can start a career in travel photography! Buying equipments is essential if you still don’t have the necessary tools. Also, funding your travels is required is you’re still at the beginning stage since you still do not have clients to buy your pictures or services.

On you first outing, take pictures to build up your portfolio and when you’re satisfied with your library of pictures, you have to market like your life depends on it. Eventually, you will have avid buyers and you might get commissioned by some company in need of your photography service. All it needs is one big push to start the money making engine!

Travel Consultant Job Listings

Do you consider yourself an expert in a particular field and do you think you can help many people or businesses with this expertise?

Consultancy jobs can be in any field. It can be in IT, business management, sports, health and fitness. It can be anything. As long as there is demand for an expert opinion, anyone with the skills and experience can work as a consultant. With this job, you can travel all around the world especially if you have a global market and reputation is distinguished. Clients will pay for your travels and accommodations and if you are on the high-end market, you are in tremendous luck.

Marketing is key. You need to build a reputation and appeal to your target market. Perception is everything in this industry as your niche will only hire credible consultants.

Travel Entertainer Job Listings

In my opinion, all people have the desire to entertain and make other people happy. Assuming you have the ability to entertain — whether it’s through music, comedy, or arts. Working in different parts of the world is a very apparent possibility.

Of course, you have to work on your act further and maybe have more stage time. In time, you can get hired in different tourist spots to perform your act. A slot in the entertainment section of cruise ships is also a wonderful likelihood.