A small hole can sink the whole ship. This proverb holds the truth and a negligence from our end will only destroy our valuables. The travel market is governed by the travel money rates which are indirectly related to foreign exchange rates. Often we come across advertisements which instigate us to buy travel deals at the cheapest price. On flipping the Sunday newspapers we find the travel section to be attractive as it lets us know the fluctuations in the travel market. With the downfall of the foreign exchange rates the travel agents place ads requesting enthusiastic travellers to book the cheapest travel rates.

Suppose if somebody is planning to visit Europe then it is better to book travel packages when the currency of the EU is at the bottom level. On booking travel packages when the EU’s currency is quite costly then it will cost a massive price. This is the most simplified example how the travel money rates affect the travel market.

Nowadays whatever holiday packages which we see on the billboards are generally focussed on the rising middle class because this class creates the large chunk of revenues. Forget about the tiny group of rich class which opts for a single travel package may be once in a year. The money earned through this class is not even sufficient to pay off the salary of the employees working in a travel company. So this is good news for enthusiastic middle class travellers that they have more excellent chances to venture out to the world’s most beautiful places at the least expenditure.

A majority of us have the habit of watching the news channels but a few of us like to watch the financial news. It is beneficial to watch the financial news as it updates a person about the fluctuations in the foreign exchange market rates. If we cannot afford the time to sit about an hour infront of the televisions then we can opt for the websites belonging to financial news channels and then we can read what to we want to know.