v     When traveling, make adequate enquires about the hotel, motel, restaurant, rest rooms and environmental conditions of your desired location.


v     Ensure that the hotel rooms have reusable and recyclable materials to prevent land pollution.


v     Do not carry too much tourist maps and brochures. Pick only the ones that are needed for your desired location.


v     Contact the Health Officer if you find a deceased animal along your route. This is necessary so as to prevent an epidermic.


v     Obey caution signs found in areas where there is wildlife so as to prevent accident


v     Do not throw non-organic garbage on the road when traveling because they could attract animals which can result to accident or act as threat to humans.


v     If you wish to renew or obtain your passport, then link to passport offices in your preferred location. For instance, one who wishes to renew or obtain a passport in the United States should locate any of their offices for the necessary information. You can also find out if there are visa requirements for your location.


v     Women in their last trimester of pregnancy are not allowed to travel by cruise. This is necessary so as to prevent miscarriage since some of them may have phobia for water bodies.


v     A letter of permission is required from a single parent traveling with children from the other partner.


v     Do not eat any diet you are not used to so as to avoid stomach upset.


v     Have an adequate knowledge on call rates globally so that you would not be cheated unnecessarily.


v     You must possess a good traveler fanny pack to keep essential documents such as passports, visa and so on.


v     Do things with moderation. For instance, do not take too much alcohol so as to avoid being a victim of assault.


v     Always abide by table etiquette in your chosen location. For instance, when eating rice in Japan, do not leave your chopstick standing in a vertical position. It symbolizes death in Japanese culture.


v     Consult travel agents who can provide appropriate information on agencies offering discounts on holidays.


Whether you are a new travel enthusiast or old pro, you can make your holidays more interesting and fulfilling by enhancing your experience. Whatever means you choose to embark on your tour, try to get the best out of it.