Travel Lanka is the manager of the main tower with various incoming visits to Sri Lanka, our tours are designed for different lifestyles. Spend your holiday tan on different beaches in Sri Lanka with our fantastic Beachtour or learn more about our history and lifestyles of our cultural heritage Tour.Customise your holiday using our interactive map to create your own itinerary . Choose your mode of transportation to the hotel where you would live and which sites you want to see. Enjoy your holiday as you want to.Make all your events are spectacular with travel Lanka, whether’s your wedding or corporate retreat, will travel Lankan working staff of the event planning with you to plan a perfect setting, decorations and more. All you have to do is show up.Climb a record high. Cerulean swim in an ocean. Hike through the dense forest. Go on vacation you’ve always wanted to travel Lanka.

Visit the mysterious land of Sri Lanka is an adventure that is incomparable to anything else in the world. Abundant in natural beauty unfolds Sri Lanka sense of its visitors with its green foliage, breathtaking waterfalls, palm-fringed beaches and well preserved national parks. The beauty of Sri Lanka can be seen on the faces of its inhabitants warm and welcoming, much of its unique culture and its kaleidoscope of saris, spices and fruits that appear in the bustling markets. Journey Lanka got the better of Sri Lanka and put them in neat packages for your enjoyment. Our packages include transportation, accommodation, meals and excursions. The list of tours we offer cover a wide range of lifestyles: Beachtour is ideal for those wishing to spend their holidays on golden beaches and azure, while the cultural tour gives you a deeper understanding and appreciation of Sri Lanka . Planning an unforgettable holiday has never been so easy.