Traveling to Irvine last month, I was a guest at the Crowne Plaza, clearly the greatest hotel in Irvine. Irvine itself is more of a job city, but traveling to Irvine is nevertheless a lot of fun. Enjoyable beaches, outstanding shopping, and good food is completely what Irvine is loved for.

My entire journey while traveling to Irvine and arriving to the hotel was very smooth. The complimentary shuttle service was a nice touch by the Crowne Plaza. The staff at the reception desk was very professional, he even told me all the wonderful things tourists love to do when traveling to Irvine. Traveling a lot has given me a strong eye when looking at hotel rooms, traveling to Irvine I knew what to expect. Treading into my Crowne Plaza room, I was greeted by so many extras. There were ear plugs and even music available to relax, never before had I seen a hotel giving away so much for free.

I have been disappointed enough with inferior TVs lacking central channels, or remote controls which never function. I was pleased the enormous flatscreen in my room was a genuinely fine touch, with lots of channels and films to select from it was nice to have the choice. Getting reliable internet service in the room was my dream come true. I knew it would be so good to catch up with all my emails. Traveling to Irvine on an early flight, I was so comfortable in my room that I didn’t even wish to spend the rest of the day outside.

After an endless day of work, I resolved to get a run in the hotel fitness center and then relax in the pool. I was amazed how well fitted out the fitness center was, most hotels I go to have aging equipment or hot awkward fitness rooms, the Crowne Plaza was a good change. Being a regular traveller in south California I have seen a lot of unique places. Traveling to Irvine and staying at the Crowne Plaza cannot disappoint. The hotel itself is fixed in the middle of everything anybody would ever want to do.

After talking to the hotel personell, I heard that this was the perfect time to be traveling to Irvine, tourists enjoy whale watching this time of year and I knew it was something I had to view for myself. On the last day of my trip I met an old friend who lived a few miles off. He knew I wouldn’t be traveling to Irvine again anytime soon so decided to take me out to feel the Orange County nightlife, it was a really good time.

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