Manila is renowned as the only Asian Capital that reminds you of Spain. Treasured as the heart of Philippines, the city has an immense impending to keep amused its visitors which are replicated in the fact that every year just about 1.2 million tourists come to take pleasure in the splendors of Manila. Having a history of momentous Spanish, Chinese and North American rule, the City of manila undoubtedly reflects a gauzily blended concoction of all these cultural colors and hence, the most striking feature of this gleaming city is the cultural diversity that it has to offer. The city offers all sorts of leisure activity and amusement for its visitors, be it reasonably priced yet unparalleled shopping opportunities, site seeing, Historical museums, Amusement Parks, brightly lit festival and events, or the best beaches and honeymoon destinations. We recommend you to grasp any cheap flights to manila to enjoy this magnificent city.

There are assortments of factors that the city of Manila holds to its recognition for being the eventual choice of numerous visitors. Firstly, the city is Philippines’ centre for all activity; ranging from commercial to Political. Today, Manila serves as a distinguished business hub for Philippines with one of the world’s busiest port, Manila sea Port, located here. For those who arrive here for purposes other than business, have immeasurable reasons to endow in this city their time and money. To start with, Manila has just the wonderful tropical climate with infrequently variations in temperature. And even if these variations do take place, they stay at the slightest levels; making Manila a tourism-friendly consign all year round. Mildly warm mornings with breezy beach corners and chilly evenings, is a sort of weather that barely anyone would mind. However, the city receives a enchantment of heavy showers from June-November that brings out a fresh look to the city’s greenery.

Many are obsessed by Manila’s status of being the enlightening spark of Philippines. The city retains a profound swayed of Spanish art and culture even today. Among the most scintillating signs of Manila’s history are its San Agustin Church (A world heritage site), the Malacanang Palace that stands saturated in the magnificence of Spanish rule of the past, The Corregidor Island which still recounts the unpleasant tales of world war II, and a more brighter site of Taal Volcano that is the world’s smallest volcano.

There are innumerable flights to manilaavailable for everyone. So, whenever you plan a trip to manila, do make a separate budget for shopping as it’s extremely hard to resist all those bounties that would tempt you.