Are you in the process of planning a family vacation or even a business trip? If so, there is a good chance that you will be concerned with a number of things, namely the proper identification that is needed to board an airplane. Proper identification may get you on the airplane, but it does not necessarily mean that it will get you to your destination. For that, you will need to know and abide by all of the air travel rules.

When it comes to air travel rules, there are many travelers who automatically assume that they already know what these rules are; however, the reality is that many do not. In fact, there are some many air travel rules to follow, that it is difficult for any one person to know and fully understand them all. This does not mean that you should not famialrize yourself with the rules of air travel; it just means that you should try and focus on the most important ones.  

One of the most important air travel rules, that you must follow, pertains to the items that are prohibited on airplanes. When further examining these items, you will need to learn which items are only prohibited from being in your carryon luggage and which ones are prohibited from airplanes altogether. In your examination, you will likely find that flammable or explosive objects are not allowed on airplanes, under any circumstances. This means that you cannot bring gun powder bombs, flares, or even cigarette lighters aboard a plane. Trying to could not only lead to your items being confiscated, but it could also lead to you missing your flight or being detained by airport security.

Although the ban of sharp, explosive, and flammable items is considered common sense, there are other bans that are not as easy to know on your own. One of those bans is the current bad on all liquids. This ban only applies to your carryon luggage. It was recently learned that explosives could easily be held or converted into liquids; thus the reason for the ban. This ban not only applies to the food or drinks that you consume, but your health and beauty supplies as well. Instead of carrying these items in your carryon luggage, you will need to put them in your checked baggage. This liquid ban only has a few exceptions, such as baby formula, prescription medication, or small amounts of non-prescription medication.

Once you arrive at the airport, the serious air travel rules begin. One of those rules involves airport security checkpoints. All passengers are required to pass through these checkpoints. This is the time where you will need to go through a metal detector and your belongings will need to be scanned by an x-ray machine. But, did you know that this procedure has recently changed? Now, all passengers, unless they are disabled or suffer from a serious medical condition, are required to remove their shoes. Once you remove your shoes, your shoes will be scanned with the rest of your carryon luggage.  

As previously mentioned, a number of air travel rules are considered common sense. The most important air travel rule, that you should already be aware of, is the need to cooperate with airport security or airline flight crews. In the event that you unsuccessfully try to pass through an airport security checkpoint, you need to stay calm. If it was a mistake, you should have nothing to worry about. Starting a confrontation, whether it be at the airport or in the sky, can lead to serious consequences. Not only may you end up missing your vacation or your business trip, but you may even end up spending the night in jail.