Lagos is a city of celebrations and festivals. Tourists from all parts of the world fly to Lagos by taking their cheap flights to Lagos with Arik Air. Lagos is full of natural and amazing beauties. Tourists of cold places like the sundry beaches of Lagos and its pleasant climate is their greatest weakness. Visitors quite often book their flights to Lagos from London and other parts of the world to observe the hot Savannah climate and watch the tremendous beauties of Lagos.

Lagos is mind blowing and mesmerizing city of Nigeria. This former capital of Lagos has enough stuff to impress and fascinate its visitors. The much showing festival “The 2009 Eyo Carnival” that was organized on 25th April served as a great step to attain the status of worldly city because several visitors made the flights to Lagos through Royal Air Maroc across Africa and worldwide only to join in the festival. Before this, Lagos was presumed as the most beneficial trading center of Nigeria but now it is stepping further to get a global tourist’s spot. Now tourists take the flights to Lagos not only for the business orientation but also to make an exceptionally outstanding vacation experience.

Lagos is full of amazing attractions. The most visited and liked attractions located at Lagos are National Museum, Lekki Conservation center, Nike Art center, National Theatre and Gallery, Lekki market, Jazz hole, wonderful islands like Ikoyi Island, Lagos Island, and Victoria island with dazzling beaches like Lagos Bar beach, Tarkawa Bay, Eleko Beach, and Light House beach. Visit Lagos this summer and enjoy the best climate supported by many stunning and fabulous attractions. This is the start of summer and best time to book your tickets in advance.

Due to tremendous influx of tourists at Lagos all the major Airlines have increased their flights to Lagos. British Airways and Arik Air are operating their direct flights to Lagos from London and from London to Lagos twice a day. Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Kingfisher, Jet Airways, KLM, Air France, Emirates Airline, Alitalia, Afriqiyah, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Royal Air Maroc and Air China.