The first flight of Indian Airlines took off in 1953. Even today, no airline can match the Indian Airlines in terms of the size and destinations. Indian Airlines was also among the first to sell online Indian airticket. Today, low cost air travel tickets for all the routes and destinations could be purchased through online booking of Indian airticket.



Indian Airlines remained the single domestic Airlines till 1990, when other Airlines in the area of low cost air travel started their flights. Till that time, every traveller used to purchase an Indian airticket to travel within India. This is still the scene even today due to low cost air travel tickets provided by Indian Airlines. This is true even when so many airlines have jumped into the airlines sector. Much credit to this scene goes to every passenger who look to purchase airplane tickets, due to which Indian airticket booking has been made very easy.



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Indian Airlines offers a convenient choice of timings for domestic flights when anyone purchase airplane tickets online. A large choice of flight schedules are available for the passengers to choose from ranging from morning to noon to evening to late evening and late night Indian Airlines flights to the respective destinations. This is also true for foreigners going for international flight search.