Specific Destination

Destinations are very important to determine your trip. Are you buff the beach? Do you prefer to climb the mountain and see the natural beauty of heights? Or, if you are a fan of culinary and shopping? Ensuring the interest required to specify destinations that you would go

For example, you are like culinary and shopping can be a visit to Bangkok. You who love marine tourism can visit Bunaken or Wakatobi. Not until, for example, you do not like the beach and sunbathe even visited tourist destinations of the island.

Design your itinerary

Designing itinerary is the most important thing in a journey. Start with hours of departure and return. Specify the destination, accommodation and transport from one point to the other point. Enter also a list of places you want to visit.

For those of you who use a travel agent, ask them to explain the itinerary that has been made. Feel free to talk about places that actually want to go.

“The most important research. Before you buy a ticket, we must determine where to go,”

Ticket Hunting

After determining the destination and design the itinerary, ticket time hunting. In order to not spend a budget trip, you can look for promo airline tickets. Some travel sites presenting the ticket until the train is cheaper than the original.


This is important, especially for those who travel without a travel agent, you should find accommodation that is close to the destination and the places you want to visit.

For example if you want to shop in Singapore, you can choose the Orchard Road area as a location to stay. If you want accommodation that is not too expensive, can select Little India or Bugis.

Travel Companion

There were walkers who prefer traveling alone. There is also a lot of people like to travel with, for example, five or even

Trinity, author of the book The Naked Traveler series, said that he would prefer to travel with less people.

“If for me, just the three of us up. Surely they can indeed be invited to create traveling together,” he said.

It is important for a traveling companion to have a high sense of empathy. Wherever possible take a friend who has a taste trip or have a mind that goes along with you. It is very important that the holiday was not screwed up on one friend having a bad mood.