Cheap Holiday FUN TIPS and Tricks – part 1

For those of you who like the Traveling or commonly called Travelers, you do not even think jalan2 concepts such as what you apply when traveling you? As a true travelers, you must know Tips and Tricks what is suitable with your budget, you can get the maximum travel with minimal budget. And for you who do not have a concept in your journey, this time I will share Tips and Tricks affordable holiday that might give your idea for your next destination

1. Research

Do not underestimate your research before you travel, find as much info as possible about destination that you will visit during your trip, you can look at traveling blog Such as or widely on the internet.

2. Budget

One thing that is important to control unnecessary spending Traveling is determine your budget. Determine the minimum budget needed for transport, accommodation and meal costs every day, then overstated by about 30% in case. With the initial budget, you will suffer from limitations and avoid the costs of unnecessary.

3. Use public transport

If possible, avoid using private transport in the course of your traveling, but to save on expenses, you also will be more free to move sights one to the other, which may be difficult to pass a personal vehicle without worrying about your vehicle.

4. Use a train or bus

If you are a true Backpacker, you can choose this option. From the plane, the better you are using the train or bus is usually cheaper than a plane ticket. By using the train / bus, you also can enjoy the view out there.

5. Avoid travel packages if possible

Tour packages sometimes simply exhausting than fun, because the allotted time to explore a tourist attraction is often limited, so sometimes we feel less satisfied. To that end, the local vehicle hire to explore the environment you are in, such as a bicycle, motorcycle, or minivans.

6. Traveling night

By starting the trip at night, you can sleep in the train / bus at night, as well as to save the cost of stay. Effective if applied for long trips who spend long hours.

7. Flexible to the time of departure

for transport tickets are usually cheaper if we depart / return on weekdays than on the weekend or long weekend. In addition to cheaper, your trip will also be spared from traffic and will certainly save time.

8. Use the foot if it is still possible

Go to the attractions close to your accommodation by foot, therefore you can order the inn is strategically close to the attractions you want to go, because if you want to move from tourist places one to the other does not cost more.

9. Find a decent affordable accommodation

In this option, you can take advantage of internet sites that provide lodging or hotel’s references are certainly close to the attractions that you will visit, and usually there will be a discount or rebate on each end of the month.

10. Bring food / snacks and bottled water from home

Bring lunch from home, you can bring food and drinks are easy to carry and does not interfere with your trip, such as bread, snacks, cereal drinks and mineral water which will save your expenses.


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