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10.  Spending on food and beverages mini-market
if forced to not bring their own lunch, snacks or groceries Purchase and mineral water in the mini market, because the price will be much more efficient than we buy at tourist spots. Now many stand minimarket in the existing attractions in appears logical.

  1. Eat on the ordinary Food Stall / Cheap Food
    Do not be the guy who spoiled when traveling / Traveling, especially for the affairs of the stomach, you can buy cheap food from ordinary stall food near tourist area is certainly widely available around the area of ??travel place. It will be savings on your Traveling.
  2. Take advantage of the internet
    In the world of Internet Traveling role is very great, because with the Internet you can search for info about the sights that will / are you guys go, can also find other interesting references existing place of your destination now.
  3. Free attraction place
    many interesting sites that do not require admission fee (entrance fee). That place usually are not far from the main tourist area. Ask the locals, or try Goggling and searching for info about this, because it will because it will save lot of your money
  4. Prioritize wish visited tourist attraction
    often famous sightseeing place set high entry rates. There is no harm if you desperately want to visit a tourist attraction, you need to do is balance the budget in accordance with your roads. And do as Itinerary that have you created earlier.
  5. Avoid the tourist spot as much as possible
    All that is in the tourist spots are generally expensive. Limit your expenses as much as possible to bring their own lunch from home and hold your desire to buy souvenirs in the tourist spot, because you can bet the price will be very expensive compared you buy it elsewhere.
  6. Buy souvenir wisely
    Souvenirs do not need to be expensive, which is important memorable. Some souvenirs are cheap but still unique is Keychains, Decoration home, T-Shirt, traditional snacks. Look for souvenirs that reflect the locality of the local area, because it will be very meaningful for people who accept it.
  7. Purchase souvenirs at the traditional marketBargain prices in traditional markets is a natural thing, use your best bargaining skills and you will not regret. Tips to bid: Negotiate a good 50% of the initial price. But the view also of the quality and price of the goods early, lest you are bidding outrageous because it is not the recommended way.

Thats It and dont forget budget travel means Buying Experience.