If you have opted to consider 4×4 hire in Johannesburg to enjoy a self-drive adventure like no other, then you are well on your way to having the travel experience of your dreams. Self-drive is becoming one of the most popular ways to explore a country without having to rely on structured tours, giving you more flexibility and the chance to travel at your own pace. While public transport isn’t always the most reliable way to get around, 4×4 rental ensures that you can go wherever you want to go, without having to rely on anyone but yourself.

To get the most from your 4×4 adventure in Johannesburg, follow these basic travel tips:

Choose the right vehicle. Drive South Africa offers a range of 4×4 and 2×4 vehicles to suit all tastes and budgets. Vehicles are suitable for off-road use as well as use on paved roads, allowing you to travel across cities and bush terrain.
Choose a car with a fitted GPS device. GPS (Global Positioning System) is essential when travelling in a city that you haven’t visited before, and is also useful even if you have a basic knowledge of the city. Johannesburg’s suburbs and bush areas span across the entire city, and it can be easy to take a wrong turn. Take the guesswork out of directions and choose a GPS enabled 4×4 hire option.
Plan your routes before you leave. Do your homework, and decide which areas you would like to visit before setting off for your travels. This ensures that you don’t venture into any potentially risky areas, and also optimises your experience, giving you enough time to see everything you want to see.
Consider the best planned 4×4 routes in Johannesburg. The area has a small but excellent range of 4×4 routes to choose, all offering guaranteed action, off-road adventure and beautiful scenery. Some of the top routes include Berakah 4×4 Eco trail just outside Parys and two Hennops trails that are ideal for beginners, families or seasoned off-roaders.
Safety first. Driving any car in South Africa can be daunting, especially in Johannesburg. Driving a 4×4 in Johannesburg takes even more care to keep safe – always remember to keep left, and look out for rough roads, street signs and pedestrians at all times.

For an excellent range of 4×4 rentals in Johannesburg, contact Drive South Africa today and enjoy the ultimate self-drive adventure!