Honeymoon in Hong Kong can be lifetime knowledge for newly married couples.

If you are look for a fine place to spend some magnificent time with your spouse, visit Hong Kong.

With its numerous tourism places, laughter parks, chic shopping destination and several other places of interest you will certainly have a great Honeymoon in Hong Kong.

If you want to get cozy away from the infuriating crowd, the quaint fishing villages and sandy strips of beaches are now ideal for you.

The South Bay Beach with its trait quaintness would surely be valued by couples. Tai Long Wan Beach advantaged with verdant foliage is another favorite place of visitors.

Hong Kong Romantic Travel

If you are look for somewhere to live for your honeymoon, you have the luxurious and exclusive Landmark Mandarin Oriental 15 Queens Road Central and which features complicated and fantastic general amenities apart from truly alluring and calming honeymoon suites, fully equipped and ready to provide you with all the comfort and happiness you are look for.

Honeymoon in Hong Kong

1. Stanley Beach

Stanley is a village on the south of Hong Kong Island. The village is well urbanized, with a host of western style bars and restaurants lining the waterfront.

2. Lo So Shing Beach

While it may take modest leg work to get here, this secluded spot on Lamma Island boasts crystal clear water and a beautiful strip of sand.

3. Sai Kung Beach

A great daytrippers option. Sai Kung takes a little more effort to reach as it is in the eastern part of the New Territories.

Summer (late May to mid-September)

Hot and humid with temperatures ranging from 26oC-33oC (78oF-91oF) and humidity near 86 per cent.

Short sleeves and cotton clothes should be worn with a lightweight sweater for indoors as restaurants tend to set air-conditioning on high. An umbrella or hat is useful to ward off the sun.

Winter (mid-December to February)

Winters are mild with low humidity at 72 per cent. Though the hotness ranging from 14oC-20oC (57oF-68oF), the mercury can drop to 10oC (50oF). Occasional chills make woolens and overcoats necessary

Romantic Hotels in Hong Kong

When traveling as a couple, you merit the finest service and attention to ensure that your trip is enchanting, passionate and idealistic.

We’ve researched the best luxury hotels in Hong Kong, and advocate the next list as the most romantic and elite hotels in Hong Kong.

Whether a small country inn or forested lodge, a classic elegant hotel or a beach resort, a hidden boutique or showy exotic belongings – certain hotels offer a little incredible special for couples receiving away from it all.

Private and intimate help define romantic accommodation – where couples can be alone while still getting all of the thought they deserve.

Hong Kong travel tips

Hong Kong, which sits at the mouth of the Zhu Jiang (Pearl River), was a colony and then a addiction of Great Britain from 1841 until 1997, when it was reunited with China and Beijing as a Special Administrative Region.

Under the overriding Basic Law, Beijing allows a high degree of economic and democratic autonomy in Hong Kong with free market export and a free media, although there are various issues that cause friction between the two social systems and uncertainty among investor.