Kerala is one of the best tourist destinations in Asia, Blessed with pristine hill stations, waterfalls, fertile land, palm fringed lakes, endless beaches, lush green forests, mountains Ayurveda resorts, green hill ranges, some of the highest tea estates in the world, wildlife sanctuaries and rich cultural heritage with spectacular temple festivals and thrilling snake boat races. Experience the many faces Kerala is sure to be lost amidst the serene environs of the backwaters and hill stations, rejuvenated with ‘Ayurveda’ or cruising.

Kerala’s backwaters is the most popular tourist attraction of Kerala, is renowned world over for its exotic destinations, cultural heritage and unparalleled hospitality. Tourism in Kerala attracts millions of tourists every year from all parts of the world. From pristine beaches, scenic hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries to ancient temples, churches and palaces.

Kerala is also home to the wonderful beaches and backwaters along the Arabian Sea. The pure fun of lazing on the golden palm fringed beaches and riding the motorboats are unparallel experiences. The sundecks along with the ethnic setting of a village provide an advantage to the tourists at the beaches in Kerala. The beaches amongst sea surfers are also renowned for the yoga and other health related activities.

Kerala has also some of the best wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, with a variety of plant and animal life sole to Kerala. It has two national parks, ten wildlife sanctuaries and two bird sanctuaries. Its spice plantations and herbal flora that besides adding to the natural beauty of the Kerala wilds is of great commercial importance. While you are on tours to the Kerala wilds you can go bird watching and catch glimpses of the most beautiful birds chirping and complementing the deep greens and dense forests.

You may also enjoy the bewitching forest of Kerala with sitting comfortably on the back of an Elephant. The Boat safari also offers you with a good option to look for the wilds of Periyar sanctuary. Today the Periyar Lake offers an excellent boating spot for the tourists. Although it is unusual to see any animal from the boat, still you can spot herds of Elephants, Wild Boars and Sambar Deer by the water’s edge.

If you are only staying for a weekend, then you will be introduced to short term of Kerala. The Kerala Beach vacation rental alternatives that are available for those that want a stay for one months or less will open up new doors to those wanting to enjoy the beach. Searching by your length of time then becomes one of the most essential components to getting the best deals.

Kerala has also lots of local festivals that are celebrated with great pump and sour. There are certain festivities like the boat races, which originated to commemorate religious events but subsequently turned out to be events of social importance. Most of the festivals of Kerala are connected with local traditions and religions. Click here to know more about Kerala Travel

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