Orlando Travel Deals – Planning your Orlando vacation. 

Orlando is one of the world’s biggest tourist destinations with millions of people visiting the city every year.  It is every child’s dream to visit Disney Orlando as well as Universal Orlando, and the many other famous attractions and theme parks like Sea World and Aquatica. 


The main problem with the theme parks is the long queues, so when planning your Orlando vacation it is best to avoid school holidays and weekends.  I have been to most of the parks mid week in November and walked right up to all the rides, with a maximum of about five minutes queuing time! 


It is also worth checking to see when the school holidays in the UK are as there are hundreds of thousands of British families that descend on Orlando at these times.  You can search the web for what the British call ‘Half Term’ holidays, which usually occur around the time of ‘bank holidays’.  This will give you a good idea of when the Orlando theme parks are likely to be empty.


Many online sites and travel companies will offer early booking discounts for Orlando hotels, as well as late booking discounts.  It is advisable to try and get the early booking discounts as if you want to stay in Orlando hotels during a specific period, as if you wait for late cheap Orlando deals then you may end up paying more.


If you are planning on visiting several parks, then it is advisable to book in advance and get tickets such as the Flexi Pass which will save you hundreds of dollars on Orlando theme park tickets.  For current Orlando deals on hotels and attraction tickets, log onto www.orlandohotelsandtraveldeals.com!