Are you planning to travel with your dog this coming vacation? A little homework and preparation can do wonders in making your travel with your pet a lot more fun and hassle-free.

Here a few practical dog travel suggestions that you can follow to make your getaway convenient:

Before anything else, better assess the condition of your canine. Is your pet healthy enough to travel? If your dog is pregnant or just recuperating from a serious illness, it may be better to push back the trip until he fully recovers. Even short trips can cause stress and anxiety to your dog.

If traveling during the summer heat, keep your pet in the cool area inside the car. Keep the aiconditioning system open throughout the entire trip. To ensure his safety, don’t leave your dog without putting his in a secure carrier. Your pet needs to be placed in a properly ventilated crate with enough space where he can stand up and move freely and comfortably. If you want to bring an old dog or a dog with disabilities, use a pet stroller to carry him. Dog strollers will allow you to bring your dog a lot easier, without stressing him.

Also make sure his feeding bowls are attached to the crate or dog carrier so they don’t move around and cause muddle. Don’t fasten a dog leash in the crate as he might get entwined in it, causing injury or suffocation. More importantly, familiarize your dog with the crate before you go on a long travel.

For added security, clip your pet with a collar or ID tag which shows proof of rabies vaccination, along with your name, address, and contact numbers in case your dog gets lost. You should also microchipped your dog.

Before you even leave your house, make sure your dog is well-groomed. Clip his nails and brush his fur to get rid of all loose hair. Clipping your pet’s nails will minimize the chance of damage and scratches on your car upholstery.

Don’t forget to bring gallons of fresh bottled water for your dog. This will help you prevent contamination and dehydration of your pet while traveling, since water quality differs from one place to another. If you are uncertain that your brand of dog food will be readily available along the way, or if your dog is under a very specific diet regimen, carry enough dog food for the whole journey.