Preparation and research

Firstly, consider the type of tour you have chosen. You luggage requirements would be markedly different if you plan to stay in five star hotels, for example, with transportation between them, as opposed to trekking in remote areas.

Secondly, do your research carefully into the likely weather conditions, services and facilities available locally, the nature of the countryside and terrain over which you will be travelling and the local culture. All of these will have a bearing on your luggage requirements.

Thirdly, bear in mind the fact that there is always a compromise to be make between packing every single item that might come in hardly and having a limit on what can be carried by you on the airline.

Whether you are back-packing and carrying all your luaggage with you or being transported from place to place, the some general principles apply. Pack that items needed first are packed last i.e. are reality available.

Climate and Weather

1. When visiting an area where very hot, sunny weather is likely, sun cream, sun glasses and appropriate headgear will be necessary as well as the appropriate light clothing. If the temperatures are likely to drop in the evening, warmer clothing will also be needed and perhaps hat and gloves.

2. Wet weather protective clothing will almost be certainly needed.

3. Consider footwear carefully; comfort in this area is vital. Sturdy walking boots and thick socks will be necessary for trekking in the hills, but you will also need soothing lighter while off the trails. Similarly, flip flops are ideal for the beach but something heavier will also be needed. Allow for your feet becoming too hot, too cold, and sometimes wet (don’t forget to pack a pair of slippers, even though these are usually provided by hotels.)

Personal toiletries and medicines
Toiletries are a matter of personal choice. They can often be purchased locally but not always in your preferred brand. Be sure to pack sufficient prescription medicines and OTC drugs if required. A supply of toilet paper is a “must” laundry. This can usually be done at hotels and there may well be facilities locally, Washing prowder can usually be bought locally but a small amount carried with you comes in handy in more remote areas.

It is inadvisable to drink local tap water and, if you are travelling in an area where bottled water is unlikely to be readily available, consider taking a water filter with you.

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