Whether we are traveling for pleasure or for business, we want our trips to be comfortable, easy and trouble-free. Here are some tips that you might useful if you are traveling on board:

 1-     When you do packing, don’t fold your clothes in the bag, but roll them up like a Swiss roll. This will create more space in your bag and will reduce clothes wrinkling.


2-     Pick up wrinkle-free clothes when you travel. This will save you the trouble to press your clothes, or the money that you will be paying for hotel expensive laundry.


3-     Take a few empty plastic bags with you. You can always use them to separate your dirty laundry such as underwears and socks from your clean clothes, or keep your wet swimming suit if you have no time to dry it up before packing it.


4-     Never keep your passport next to your perfume bottle, hand lotion liquid ink pen, water bottle, or anything else that might leave a stain on your passport and ruin it. If you have to stuff your things together in one bag, keep your passport in a small plastic sheet. This will keep it clean and safe.  


5-     Unfortunately, most of the suitcases and travel bags look alike in shape and colour. This increases the possibility of some travelers grabbing your bag by mistake. It also makes your task of finding your bag on the luggage belt a real hard one. In order to avoid your bags getting confused with others’, get yourself a unique bag: while most people would go for suitcases that are black, navy or dark brown, you go for purple, orange or blue. Choose any colour that you will not be seen more often. If not, then mark your bag. My mother in law taught me a very easy trick to mark my bag whenever I travel. Just get a glittery ribbon, wrap around the bag handle and tie it. Instead of trying to identify my bag, all I need to do is to look for a shiny glittery ribbon. How many bags can you find with the same ribbon?!


6-     What if your nightmare comes true and your bag was lost or misplaced? Label your bag. Prepare a label with your name, address (both back home and in the country you are visiting), and your contact numbers and stick it or attach it to your bag. Make sure your label is big and coloured, and that your handwriting is clear. Do not forget to lock your bag with your own combination lock. No one would be interested in a locked bag!


7-     When you are flying on a long trip, most likely you will get feet swilling due to immobility. Wear a pair of comfortable shoes. Make sure your shoes or socks are not too tight. Stretch and move your feet and legs and try to have a walk around every now and then.


8-     Always keep a pen in your hand bag. You will need it to fill some forms such as landing cards or comments cards on board.


9-     if you are traveling to a non-English speaking country, and you decide to wonder around without a guide, try to get a language guide for travelers that can provide you with a quick easy access to some key phrases, such as asking about directions and prices, and being able to communicate in a foreign language.

10-    Get acquainted with the cultural differences, weather, touristic places and scheduled events in the country you are visiting. Check the cheapest and safest ways for transportation and the best accommodation deals. Do not forget to learn about bargaining conditions in the country you are visiting. This is an art that you need to learn. 

Finally, learn how to ENJOY YOUR TRIP! Do not expect everything to be perfect! Mistakes will happen and unexpected obstacles will still appear no matter how prepared you were.. Just relax, and enjoy the sunny part of your trip. It will not be the end of the world.. The best is yet to come!