There are a number of unique captivating destinations to be explored in India, which win the heart of tourists by leaving an enchanting impression over its visitors as India is the land of assorted culture with numerous attractions. During India tours, tourists get opportunity of living a royal life in a unique and enchanted manner. The land of India is gifted with many attractions so there are a number of tour options through which travelers can enjoy their trip to India in comfortable manner with many modern amenities. There are many train tours that provide tourists a fantastic opportunity to observe the land of India according to their pre-decided plan with great enthusiasm. Cheap train tour in India is one of these train tours gives tourists an outstanding experience of their life without going over their budget limitation. Train rides have been begun with the intention of providing tourists a great chance of traveling through to miscellaneous places of attention. And during the train tour travelers can experience the rich culture of India.

There are two well-known trains that control and operate cheap train tour in India. It includes the Palace on Wheels and the Deccan Odyssey. The Deccan Odyssey is a glorious train that goes through the tourist attractions in the county of Maharashtra. It travels all the way to Goa, and then moves inwards before it returns to its opening spot which is the city of Mumbai. As per its name, Deccan Odyssey is relax that takes explorers through the best of the Deccan raised ground offering them a chance to illustrate it in an authentic and different style

The Palace on Wheels is another train which has a tour of around a week. It is quite sure that every vacationer of the train is treated like a king. The train is well endowed with all new amenities having 14 suites which come with 4 rooms that have dual bedding system and the bathrooms are attached with each room which is well furnished. For offering delicious food there are two restaurants on the train furnished with all facilities. So, start a trip with cheap train tour in India and enjoy your vacations.