Air travel has now become a common scenario among most of the people as there is a rise in the economic level of the people. Not only because of this reason, the cheap airline tickets are also considered as one of the strong reasons for the people to prefer airlines rather than going in first class trains. The cheap airline tickets are a new trend that is now commonly available among all the airline providers. Here we can discuss in detail about some of the common features of these tickets, their pros and cons also.

The cheap airline tickets are the best one when properly planned. It is not possible to book these tickets anytime and anywhere. These cheap airline tickets are available before 6 months from the date of journey. Hence, one would need to make sure that they plan 6 months ahead of the journey. Also these tickets do not ensure you with the seat of your choice. These free meal and other extra facilities are also not a part of these tickets.

Coming to the advantages of these tickets, they are very cheap when compared to the regular tickets. The cost of the ticket primarily involves the tax only. These tickets are available well in advance and hence when one has a proper idea as to when he is planning to depart, he can go ahead and book these tickets. Early morning travelers have an added advantage as there are more of these cheap airline tickets at that time.

The disadvantages include the ticket cannot be cancelled or rescheduled or transferred. The person for whom the ticket has been booked must travel in the same flight as booked. There is no refund for cancellation also. Thus, one can say that in order to travel using these cheap tickets, one should have a proper planning.