Air India was established by the famous Rattan Tata in 1932, which was initially named Tata Airlines. Later, Tata Airlines was converted into a public company, Air India. In 1948, the airlines started rendering international air flights. The initial flights flew weekly between Mumbai and London. In 1953, the Indian government decided to divide the airlines into autonomous individual airlines- Indian Airlines and International Air India. The former provided domestic services while the later dealt with international flight services. Later, the word International was dropped from the name of the international airline operator.

The center of Air India operations is London. It subsidiaries comprise of Express and Cargo. The company’s slogan, which keeps its employees going, is “Your Place in The Sky”. The airline is headquartered in Mumbai, India. The airline reaches all the major destinations of the world which includes Jakarta, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi, Doham, Dubai, Dam mam, London, Frankfurt and Birmingham. It owns 38 aircrafts, which include Boeing 777-200, Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 777-200LR, etc. The airlines also provide cargo services. The famous airline also carries a flag, which is white and red in color.

Maharaja Lounge, the airport lounge service provided by the Air India, is as established and reputed as its owner itself is. The first class and business class passengers can avail of the services rendered by these lounges. The airline owns 5 such lounges, three of which are located in India and two abroad. The Indian lounge facilities are available in Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. The international lounges are situated in New York and London, where the first class and business class passengers can have drinks and other refreshments before boarding the plane.

The passengers with business class flight tickets are rendered special services on board. They are given the joy and pleasure of enjoying large cabins and comfy chairs. They can choose from any of the following three menus for their meals- Parmesan Cheese Omelet, Grilled Lamb chops and Chicken malai kababs. You can also order for smooth champagne or vintage wine. It also has the facilities of audio video on the demand. The Air India Express provides cheap flights for passengers to make it affordable for them to travel to all parts of the world. Air India also provides top class quality services at really affordable and convenient rates. The Air India staff, on board as well as board, is completely polite and hospitable.