Flying to Australia, no matter on a cheap ticket or otherwise is an expensive affair. But then savings of any type can be very useful. Of course when planning a trip to Sydney would be mean keeping a sizable amount of your money for the trip alone. But even then, there are several tips you could use to help you get that much needed break on the tickets.

The largest number of cheap flights can be found to the cities of Sydney and Melbourne. This means that they also offer you the most flexibility when it comes to your travel plans. There are certain aspects you need to keep in mind when you traveling to Australia. If you are only planning on visiting the east coast, or going to Australia for an extended time or if you are on a shoestring budget, then flying to Sydney will be your cheapest bet.

Cheap flights to Sydney also depend on the time of the year that you are booking them. The months of October to February are peak tourist time and therefore the tickets are the most expensive. The same goes for the Christmas and New Year period. The months of September to November are a good time to fly to Australia as are the months of June to August. The only issue with these last months is that it is busy within Australia as it is holiday season there and internal flights get very expensive.

The airlines you fly also makes a difference to the amount you pay for the tickets. Qantas or the Flying Kangaroo has some great offers, but again the opinions are divided on it. Singapore Airlines, Emirates or even Air New Zealand and Malaysian Airlines have some great offers on their respective websites and these are what you should constantly look out for. Keep in touch with the airline press releases as well as offers that are released online and on social networking sites.