THERE ARE certain obligations and restrictions for travelers who want to visit Ujung Kulon National Park. Before visiting this national park, confirm your arrival plans first visit to the Center of Ujung Kulon National Park in Independence Pioneer Road No. 51 Labuan with a phone number + 62(0253) 804 681 or 801 731.


In addition to the report, this step is important to ensure that there is still room in the inn park so that visitors are not struggling to find shelter for the night.

Confirmation is also useful to have the readiness of the guide who will accompany, either from the national park staff and guides and porters who have been appointed Ujung Kulon National Park (TNUK). Prior to travel further, do not forget to ask detail what should be prepared and taken during a visit to the park.

When entering into TNUK region, as in other places, every visitor is free of charge entrance fee of Rp 2,500 per person for Indonesian citizens and Rp 20,000 per person for foreign nationals as well as insurance costs USD 3000.

In addition, the entrance fee for vehicles water amount varies between Rp 50,000 or proximity 5$ USD and Rp 100 000 or 10$ USD  per boat motor according to engine power. Both charges are part of state revenues.


Given the status of Ujung Kulon national park to be maintained the authenticity and sustainability, visitors should be advised to with bunch of restrictions that must be obeyed. This, for instance, bans carrying firearms, pets, seeds, plants, and chemicals.

While visiting the TNUK taboo to hunt, capture, cut, cut, carry, and also has animals, plants and marine life as well as its parts, either in life or death situation that obtained from the national park.

Action vandalism in plants, rocks, and the building was forbidden. In addition, abstinence for visitors to dispose of waste that can pollute the environment and lit a fire that could cause fires.

The tourists who visit the national parks do not forget to prepare personal needs for safety, for example, a mild drug and personal medication and lotions for avoid mosquito bite. Do not forget to bring jackets, raincoats, and other personal items.

When entering into TNUK area, visitors are advised to wear long-sleeved shirt or T-shirt and knee-length boots to avoid scratches rattan thorns grow in the forest.

To prevent the attachment of leeches or Pacet on foot, visitors should also wear thick socks. Pants tip inserted into the sock so as not to give open space entry of leeches or other small animals