Amsterdam the capital city of Netherlands is the most wonderful city in Europe. Amsterdam Travel guide tells you about the quality aspects of Amsterdam so that you are able to plan your next vacation to Amsterdam. Amsterdam city is full of charms and grace of the friendly environment. The geographical features of the city are also outstanding and very natural. The river Maas and river Rhine flowing along Amsterdam is an addition to its scenic beauty. Amsterdam has a moderate climate all the year round with adequate summers and little rainy days.

Amsterdam travel guide offers you brief details about Amsterdam and will surely make you visit to Amsterdam in your next trip. Amsterdam is full of beautiful attractions that drive you crazy about eagerly coming to Amsterdam in your next holidays. A great ancient history is associated to Amsterdam, the museums and churches are its great examples. The Rijksmuseum is the national and oldest museum of Amsterdam and it has the finest masterpieces in its collection. Other museums like Amstelkring Museum, Stedelijk Museum, and Amsterdam Historical Museum also have fine collections of statues and paintings. In addition to museums there is also a famous and old church, Oude Kerk Church which reveals the faith on Christianity.

The natural flora of the country is very beautiful and picturesque. The Vondelpark comprises various trees and flowers of Amsterdam. The nature loving people will surely love it. This Amsterdam travel guide is full of all the information regarding Amsterdam. Coming to the places of accommodation, Amsterdam has many grand hotels for tourists to stay. The best and cheap hotels for staying are Hotel Pulitzer, Eden Hotel, Bellevue Hotel, and Amstel Hotel etc. They all provide high quality services with full comfort.

Dance and music runs in the veins of Amsterdam people and they are fond lover of it. There are many theaters, cinemas and orchestra bands which conduct shows every now and then for the tourists and local people at optimum fees. The ballet dance is the most famous dance in Amsterdam.

Nightlife in Amsterdam is very exciting and you will get to know through this Amsterdam travel guide. The cafes, bars and lounges are open whole night. People enjoy themselves here with their friends and spouse and have high class wines and drinks. Hope this Amsterdam travel guide has satisfied you fully and you will surely plan your next vacation to this exotic city.